There are many difficult things that are set before me here at FMA, and they are all here to help me improve. One thing that is difficult to overcome and cope with is maintaining self-control. The issue of self-control presents itself in many different ways, such as when I am standing in line for meals and am not supposed to be talking, or when I am eating and am not supposed to have my elbows on the table, or when I am working and am expected to be able to work and talk at the same time. There are times, when someone else is on room time, when I am not supposed to talk to them, or in some cases even be in the same place. Then there are times when I just want to sleep, but instead I have to do homework. There are so many examples of practicing self-control I could go on and on, but the key to maintaining self-control in all of these examples is to have a motive.

For example, “I want to achieve this challenge with self-control so that I am not on room-time.” Maintaining self-control is a key component in level advancement. To achieve Level Two, I must show self-control and live up to the requirements of students at that level. It can be very difficult, but by keeping in mind my correct motives and maintaining a positive attitude, I can definitely achieve it.

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