One of the first things a student does as a student at FMA is to read Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. A part of the workbook asks students to answer a question related to Frankl’s determination that when a person realizes the unique, specific meaning of his or her life, a new awareness of their importance arises. Here is one of the inspiring answers by one of this year’s students.

Within me is a uniqueness and singleness unlike any other. It is this uniqueness that tells every person apart. The importance my being has on the face of the earth is bigger than anything I could ever have imagined. Just being on earth gives me a part that I play. Knowing I can be a part of creating other people, things, ideas, and maybe even new places is just incredible. I’m not some small person on a huge planet; I am a huge person on a huge planet creating new things!

The responsibility I have for creating and leaving my mark on the world is really something to be proud of. I have no reason to look down on myself, wondering about the level of importance I play, because the answer is inside me. When I look inside myself, I can see the power within me. I know that if I look far enough, the answer will always be there, but that doesn’t mean it will always be easy to find.

What other people say about my uniqueness is irrelevant. I know who I am, and I know what this single person’s purpose in life is. If I keep carrying this sense of responsibility, I will never be able to throw my life in the trash. No one else truly knows what part I play in this huge world, if that’s even what it is, but I know the importance of this person’s life, and it’s very strong.

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