Welcome to the first student edited edition of Mountain Musings. Many of the students, myself included, sometimes viewed the previous articles we wrote as just another assignment. Seeing this detachment, the staff decided to do something to inspire us, hence the new student run editorial staff.

I was elected editor in chief. Jose D. as runner up became managing editor. Sarah T., our features editor and Jamie A., our photo editor, round out our staff. The purpose of this is to get the student body involved in the production of the paper, and help create a newsletter that all the students look forward to.

We have had some successes and some failures, but I feel we have done much towards accomplishing this goal. We have tried to liven up the issue a little, and give the students more freedom to write what they want. We hope to continue improving, and both editors and students have great ideas for future issues.

On behalf of the editorial staff, I thank Mr. Dan for giving us this opportunity to be more creative. I’d also like to thank my editors that stuck with me and really helped to get this issue out. I hope we have and will continue to meet your expectations. Thank you.

─Patrick F.

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