The movie, Anne of Green Gables, is about an orphaned girl named Anne Shirley who longed for a home that truly wanted her. Even though she could talk the leg off a mule, her wide imagination and kindness drew every person she met to her.

One fateful day, (little did she know, by accident) she was sent from the orphanage at which she lived to a beautiful home on the small Prince Edward Island. Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert had sent for a young orphan boy to help Matthew, who is not as young as he once was, run their farm. They got Anne instead. Matthew quickly came to love the sweet little red-head, and Marilla couldn’t talk him out of keeping her (even if she had wanted to.) They enrolled her in the Avonlea school, the nearest school, and she quickly adapted to her new life. There she grew up, lost friends, met her best friend, Diana Berry, and had lots of adventures.

In the sequel to Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Anne is now 16 and hopes to become a famous author. Her old friend, Gilbert Blythe, after years of trying to get her attention, finally admitted to Anne that he has loved her ever since she broke her writing slate over his head on the first day of school for teasing her about her fiery hair. She refused his marriage proposal at first, and moved to Summerside to be a teacher at a private school. Upon returning to Avonlea she found out that Gilbert had caught scarlet fever and was on the verge of death. She finally realized how dear he had been to her and she truly loved him back. Once she informed him of this he began to rapidly recover. The story ended in her promise to give him her hand in marriage.

The acting in this movie was excellent. At times the actress playing Anne may have seemed a little over dramatic, but most likely that was how the character really was.

The movie was very interesting, and I caught myself laughing hysterically when Anne made countless embarrassing mistakes and always laughed at herself afterwards. For example, she and Diana were running through a muddy field to chase a cow out of Mrs. Lynn’s cabbages and Anne fell on her behind. When Diana tried to help her up, she ended up falling down as well, and when Anne tried to stand again she fell straight on her face in the mud. When she looked up she found Gilbert Blythe laughing his head off. This movie was definitely a good one.

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