Braveheart is the story of the Scottish hero, William Wallace. He fought the English oppressors with all he had left, after they had taken nearly everything away from him. He frightened the English nobles and gave heart to the most reluctant Scottish warriors by charging into battle alongside them. He continued to be an inspiration in the battle for Scottish home rule centuries later even after his capture and execution by the English in 1305 A.D.

This is one of my all time favorite movies, because it honors my Scottish ancestors, who fought alongside the real William Wallace. It shows that if one man has the courage to do so, he can change the lives of his countrymen while resisting tyranny. Wallace’s example has shown me that life should be lived to its fullest, and that I should fight for what I strongly believe in. He showed me this by fighting for freedom and ultimately dying for it. Freedom is something I believe in and should live my life by. As William Wallace states, “Every man dies, but not every man truly lives.” I should live my life by what I believe in and make no compromises, because then I wouldn’t be living my life, but instead living how someone else thinks I should live.

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