In literature class, my fellow students and I watched the movie Coach Carter. The movie was about a basketball team in the inner city that had a bad attitude about the important people in their lives, themselves, and life in general. Then a man, Coach Carter, who used to coach at their school, came back to coach again. He taught the team discipline and how to act and be happier.  He made his team sign a pledge the first day he met them that if they wanted to play on the team they had to maintain at least a 2.3 GPA, attend all of their classes, and show up on game day dressed in a suit and tie. When Coach Carter found out that the team was still skipping classes and failing, he locked up the gym until the players brought their grades up. The team members worked with their teachers to get tutoring and earned higher grades, which allowed some of them to go on to college. Before this going to college was something they never even dreamed of for their futures.

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