Last Sunday we watched Fighting Back. It was about a man in a bad neighborhood where drugs, prostitution, and violence ruled the streets. Muggers attacked his grandmother and cut off her finger, and a pimp chased him and rammed his car, scaring his wife into early labor during which she lost the baby. In this awful world, what can one man do? Fight back.

He brings people in the community together, who are tired of the violence, and forms a neighborhood watch, and together they fought back against the troublemakers in their neighborhood.

Many people ask the question, “What can one person do?” He, or she, can do what the man in this movie did, and form a neighborhood watch, and start talking about solutions to their problems and how to watch each other’s backs. One person can do many things if he or she has the right mind set, and the will to stop talking and do something.

Many people talk about solving problems, but few ever take action. Be the one who starts it and others will follow. Don’t just talk about it. Do it.

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