The movie we watched a few nights ago, October Sky, was based on a true story about four courageous boys with a dream of escaping the fate of a coal miner. In the mining village of Coalwood, almost every man worked in the coalmines, and almost every father expected his sons to grow up and follow in his footsteps.

The main character, Homer Hickam Jr.’s life was changed forever the night he watched the first satellite pass through the October sky over his small town. He began to dream of building his own rocket, and from there he took the first step.

This very special boy had high expectations for himself, and for his three friends who chose to help him with his dream. They spent day after day hiking eight miles out of town (so as not to disobey his father who had forbidden the rocket building after the first attempt took out the fence in the front yard) to conduct experiments with their small handmade rockets, all of which were failures.

Why? Was their need to get out of that town so great they would do anything? Or was it the help of their supportive teacher, Miss Reilly, who gave them books so they could learn more, and helped them through their struggles with these flying metal objects?

I know that this movie has shown me just how hard some people can push themselves when they really want something. Those boys taught themselves a very advanced form of math without any books to help them, and that must have taken perseverance. All the teasing and heartbreak and humiliation these boys went through on pursuit of their dream, makes me believe that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

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