October Sky tells the story of a scrappy high school sophomore, too small to get a football scholarship, who lives in a coal-mining town in West Virginia in the 1950’s. One day, as the entire town watched Russia’s Sputnik satellite cross the night sky, he was inspired to build a rocket of his own.

As the movie progresses, Homer Hickam, and his three friends, encountered much adversity including people telling them they couldn’t succeed because they were “blue collar” and the only way to get out of the town was to go to college. What amazes me is that despite being continually told he could not make anything of himself and being nearly overwhelmed at times, Homer pushed through it all.

This story inspires me to push through and stick to what I believe in. Watching this film, which is based on a true story, made me realize that it doesn’t matter how another person labels me, or what they think of my style or my thoughts. My dreams are possible if I put my mind to it and work hard. As long as I listen to my inner voice, I can become anything.

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