Requiem For a Dream is a thrilling movie portraying the dangers of drugs. The movie tells the story of a man in his early twenties named Harry, who is hopelessly addicted to heroin. He and his girlfriend, Miriam, must navigate through their world of drugs. There is also a sub-plot that tells the story of Harry’s mother who having become obsessed with losing weight, begins to take uppers as diet pills which slowly drives her insane.

In the movie Harry, Miriam, and his best friend move up from every day heroin users to full time street dealers. They hit a lucky streak, and life is beginning to look up, but soon their world comes crashing down. First, their supplier is killed, and now not only do they not have enough heroin to sell, but they are all in the grips of massive drug addictions. They begin to struggle just to get enough heroin to make it through the day. Harry and his best friend, desperate to be back on top, scour the city for a new supplier, until, finally, they decide to go to Florida for a big score. As they are traveling to Florida, a series of events causes them to deteriorate mentally and physically until they are both in a living hell.

Meanwhile, Harry’s mother receives a letter from her favorite television game show telling her that she might become a contestant. She becomes obsessed with losing weight, and increasingly desperate to look like she did so many years ago in her favorite red dress, quickly becomes addicted to diet pills. The show suddenly seems like the answer to all her problems; if she can just get on the show in the red dress, she’ll win, Harry’s life will get back on track and everything will turn out perfect.

Darren Aronofsky put his heart and soul into this picture. The way he divided the movie into seasons is just amazing. The soundtrack, which is a beautiful fusion of techno and classical music, enhances every intense moment of the movie. By the time the movie was over I felt grateful for my life.

This movie is a testament to Darren Aronofsky’s genius, the actors’ abilities, and the composer’s originality. The scene progression has you feeling the significance of every scene like it is the climax of the movie. This movie easily rates 5/5 stars.

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