The Patriot takes place in 1775 in South Carolina. The movie revolves around the Revolutionary War. The main character, Benjamin Martin, had fought in the French and Indian War, and although he knew ways to fight the British had never dreamed of, in the beginning of the story he did not want to fight. He had a family and thought he was finished with war, but his quiet life was about to change dramatically. This movie shows what family meant to one man, and what he was willing do for them.

Benjamin Martin was done with killing, and thought his fighting days were over, but many people in his town were angry with him because of this. His son Gabriel decided to join the American army because he wanted to fight the loyalists.

The fighting was so close to the Martin home that it was literally in their front yard. Gabriel came home, and for the next several days the family was caring for injured soldiers from both sides. When a British officer arrived to arrest Gabriel for carrying American documents, Benjamin was angry but eventually let him go. Benjamin’s second son however, would not, and he ran at the soldiers who were taking Gabriel. The commanding officer shot the boy in the head and told his men to burn the house.

Enraged, Benjamin and two of his sons ambushed the caravan, freeing Gabriel and killing every British soldier. Benjamin and Gabriel formed a militia and made “ghost” attacks on moving British caravans leaving no survivors. Benjamin would not stop until he had hunted down and killed the man who had murdered his second son.

 This movie really opened my eyes to the horrors of war. The British practice of killing civilians was brutal and uncalled for. The lengths to which Benjamin Martin went to protect his family and avenge the death of his child also showed me the true meaning of family. This is a truly touching movie with an amazing story.

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