The movie I chose to review is The Pianist, a true story, which takes place in Warsaw, Poland just before and during World War II. The story centers about a man named Wladyslaw Szpilman, a pianist, who played for a small radio station broadcasting through Poland. To Szpilman, the piano was like air is to me: a must. He played the piano with all his heart and soul.

This movie portrays how Szpilman and many other Jews were dehumanized by the Nazis. The movie also portrays how the Jews could possibly have saved themselves. They suspected what was coming in enough time to prepare for the Nazi invasion. Did they? No. Did they fight back in time? No. In this movie, a few Jews did fight back only to be cut down.

Szpilman was not one of those few. He wasn’t looking for a fight. He was simply looking for salvation from the horror around him. His salvation was the piano. That, for me, is very powerful. I personally enjoyed this movie. It taught me that by refusing to believe that humans are capable of atrocities such as those committed by the Nazis, I might find myself in grave danger. Very satisfying movie.

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