I want to talk about the inner meaning of the movie The Power of One based on the book by Bryce Courtenay.
It’s about a young Englishman named P.K. who lived in South Africa during WWII, as the Nazis were rising to power. When he was still a boy, P.K. was shipped to a concentration camp, and there Geel Piet, one of the prisoners, taught him to box. When P.K. was released from the camp, he became a boxing champion, and began working in opposition to the Apartheid government, teaching African natives to read and to stand up for their dignity.
P.K. did not think of race, he only thought of people. He worked to spread the knowledge that race is not important, that there is only the race of mankind, and that every person in the world deserves the right to learn and be treated as brothers and sisters in the human family.
This important message is why this movie meant a great deal to me.

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