The classic film, The Sound of Music, became famous and captured audiences’ hearts because of a character, who spread beautiful music to the people around her. Maria was a woman who knew little of the outside world, yet, as governess to the children of the formidable Captain von Trapp, her spirit changed their lives.

She brought music and life back into the cold and empty house, where Captain von Trapp only connected with his children through stern military procedures. Against difficult odds, Maria shaped her role in this family into that of a joyful “breath of fresh air.”

Watching the movie, it was exhilarating to see the youngsters emerge as their own true selves instead of as their father had tried to shape them. As they grew, they thawed his heart as well, and the whole family was healed.

The music, by Richard Rogers, is now deservedly considered classic, and the poetry of Oscar Hammerstein, which is sung beautifully, is exemplary. This film impressed me in the same way it has inspired all kinds of audiences for the past 34 years.

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