Wag the Dog starring Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman gives a hilarious take on how far the President of The United States is willing to go to be reelected. Eleven days before Election Day, the President’s aides discover that the national media has caught wind of a potentially devastating sex-scandal involving the President. Robert DeNiro plays a public relations mastermind brought in to minimize the damage and ensure the President’s reelection. Rather than trying to spin the scandal, he distracts the attention of the public and the media by manufacturing a fictional war in Albania. To help sell the lie, he enlists the aid of Dustin Hoffman who plays a famous Hollywood producer. Overnight, working together, they create war footage, heroes, slogans, and even a song in this amusing must-see comedy. 
     Most comedies are fun and games, but this one has a serious side. Throughout the movie the viewer is able to see how much power resides in the political machinery of national elections, and how frivolously it can be used. I highly recommend Wag the Dog as an eye-opening gut buster.

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