The movie Wag the Dog is a very funny comedy about what happens when the President of the United States is caught having an affair two weeks before Election Day. His advisors call in “Mr. Fix It,” who works to rescue the President’s reputation by starting a “war,” then winning it, and bringing home a “captured war hero,” who is nothing more than a messed-up convict with a serious drug problem. 
      The humor makes this movie work, because, even during the most ridiculous moments, the characters roll with whatever happens. They keep making the lies bigger, even filming part of the “war,” to be shown during a television broadcast, on a soundstage, and recording a brand-new song that they claim is an old blues recording from the 1920’s. All of these actions are designed to divert attention from what is really happening, and to ensure that the President is re-elected.
     While this movie is a parody, it made me wonder if I can really be sure some of this doesn’t happen in real life.

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