Remember the Titans
An inspiring story about racial integration and overcoming the difficulties that spring from it. The team that was seemingly made to fail went on to glory. The inspirational Coach Boone broke barriers and limitations to make a team of champions.

An inspiring story of a young dreamer who made his dreams come true. Rudy had been told all his life that he could never make it, that he’d never be more than a mill worker. Yet through his determination and courage, he became a legend.

Stand and Deliver
When no one else would believe in a group of poor teenagers living in the barrio, one special teacher would. An awe-inspiring story about believing in yourself, even when things begin to get very tough, Jamie Escalante showed these young adults how to get the most out of their lives.

This is the true story of the Scotsman William Wallace, and his fight for independence from England. With his unwavering belief in freedom, he is truly a hero in history.

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  1. Donna Wise says:

    This a post for the whole beautiful blog. You all are amazing and the pictures show a lot of goregous, tired, wondering, smiling people. As a graduate of Kevin’s school in Idaho 30 years ago, I can only say enjoy, lean into it, and savor the whole year. It goes by fast and the things you are learning today will stick to you like glue and enrich the rest of your life.

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