My crazy winter experience happened during the winter break in Boone, NC. My family had rented a wonderful little log cabin for a few days, while we went skiing, but unfortunately our car just could not climb the steep and icy road that led to it.

Well, since our car could not make it to the cabin, we decided to go grocery shopping while we figured out what to do next. In the parking lot of the grocery store, my Mom worked her people skills magic and met three Mexicans, with a beat up 4-wheel-drive truck, and they agreed to help us. First we loaded all our groceries into the back of their pickup, and then my Mom and I got in the cab with the driver, while the other two guys hung on to the back. As we headed up the hill to the cabin, the truck started fishtailing. So there we are, me with the driver’s Chihuahua, which was wearing a pink fur jacket, on my lap, doing the Mexican Mamba all the way up the hill. Thanks to the generosity and determination of the three guys, we eventually made it to the cabin. That is my crazy winter experience for this year. (And here I thought it would be the only one…)

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  1. Joseph, it sounds like "Adventure" has become your middle name for sure!

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