I have had the dream of becoming an artist since I was a very little child. The arts have always intrigued me. The smell of art supplies comforted me, and they were my escape. I could actually speak through pictures, writing, and singing and it made me feel more human.

I have heard many different perspectives on following the path of becoming an artist. “It’s too risky.” “You don’t get paid well.” “You can’t raise a family.” As I look back, I can see that many of these observations were right. Maybe I won’t be able to do things like buy luxuries or go on a cruise. It doesn’t pay a lot, but then I’m not really stuck on money. It is risky, but then, what career or job isn’t?

The economy has been tough for the past few years and sometimes it seems that no job is safe, not even jobs in science or medicine. But, as someone wise once said, “Find a thing you would love to do every day, and you will never ‘work’ a day in your life.” For years, I’ve seen only art as what I wanted as a career, because I love it. I love beauty and the happiness it brings people.

Is it a waste of money to go to college for it? Maybe, but what I could take from it is worth more than just economic value. No degree I earn will automatically be a ticket straight to a job. I will have to work, work, work, and I will.

I hope to go to college to take courses in art, writing, science, and history, and then to live in California for a bit, before moving to Germany to start my career.

I want to be myself. I am an artist, and I dream of art. Many other people dream – some dream of science; some dream of medicine, and some dream of working with their hands. I believe we should all dream and move toward fulfilling that dream. We are the sovereigns of our lives. For me, I think of art as an acronym: A Right to Think.

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