My broken foot would make hiking tremendously difficult, so while all of my classmates were out hiking and camping, I had a 6-day expedition of my own back at F.M.A. I did all of the farm chores as well as 4 hours of regular work, and because of all of the free time, I was able to write, read, lift the barbell, and learn the guitar.

During the early morning, I was gaining knowledge on a possible career path of mine, architecture. I read multiple articles in the encyclopedia and The Fountainhead for hours upon hours. These 6 days may really help me in the future.

Because I was alone, I spent much of my time in deep thought. This constant introspection taught me a great deal about myself. I found out about my extreme dependency upon others. Panic flowed through my body during these times of intense loneliness late at night. There was a stabbing pain when I relived some very happy moments because, I am incapable for the moment, of seeing those who brought me such great joy.

I thought a lot about the past and future, and how I would approach things differently now. This time of tranquility allowed for much self-improvement, and I think the time alone was just what I needed.

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