The three things I will accomplish while I am at FMA are to become better at drawing, to play a game of capture the flag on the six acre, and do the best I can on the solo expedition.
     I want to become better at drawing so that I can pursue the career of game artist. Right now, I can’t draw anything well, but I have asked for and received books to help me, and I am drawing every day. I will achieve this goal by drawing for one hour every night.
     I want to play capture the flag on the six acre because it is an enjoyable game. It takes a great deal of organization and self-discipline to reach Level Four, which will be required for this goal. The benefit of reaching Level Four is having the privilege and responsibility to do what I want anywhere on the campus, and to be a part of off campus activities. I will gain these privileges by showing that I have what it takes to be a Level Four student.
     I want to do the best I can on solo so that I can prove to myself that I can push myself to reach higher than just the basic expectations. I will do my best by being determined and by practicing the skills necessary. I need to improve my fire-starting skills and learn more about wilderness survival. By achieving this goal, I will gain the self-confidence to believe that I can succeed with whatever comes before me.

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