Before leaving Freedom Mountain Academy I will go for a three mile run around the property, spend an afternoon reading a compelling book in the common room, and play a fun game of basketball.
     To be able to go on a three mile run around the FMA campus, I must achieve Level Four. Level Four will be hard for me to achieve by the end of the year, but I know that if I am determined to get to it, it can be done. I have already started by making a timeline that will assist me in staying on track with getting what I need to get done each week. The three mile run will not only improve my health and strengthen my endurance, but it will also strengthen my character because it will take a lot of determination to get to Level Four. 
     My other two goals are stepping stones on my path to Level Four. To accomplish them, I will need to earn Level Two, or in my case, to regain it, because both of my goals require privileges that are gained with the reaching of Level Two. My basketball goal will help inspire me to practice more and I will probably get to the point when I have the self discipline to practice a little each day. My reading goal will help me relax and ready myself for the upcoming week. To complete these goals I will need to have the determination and self-discipline required to work on them a little each day. They will be hard for me because I have already lost Level Two once, and knowing how it feels I do not want to regress anymore during my time at FMA. 
     Overall the reaching of Level Four represents the pinnacle of my success at Freedom Mountain Academy.

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