Being here at FMA is a great opportunity for me to accomplish goals for myself. I have had lots of time to focus and learn about myself and what I want. There are three major things I would like to accomplish and they are active participation in all classes, becoming a strong and independent leader, and accepting the new ideas I am being taught here.
     I have been working very hard on participating and looking like I am “there” in all of my classes. I have a natural reticence that makes it harder for me to focus and give what I have to offer in class. I am going to, and have been practicing actively listening and answering questions in class.
     Being a strong and independent leader is very important to me. I want to be the best I can be and set and exceptional example for the people around me. If I focus on getting to know myself and my abilities I will set an example and be a leader.
     It is very difficult for me to accept different ideas. I am trying very hard to listen to and study the ideas I am being presented her at FMA. I want to able to understand these and use them in my life. 
     This semester I will be focusing extremely hard on accomplishing these goals.

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