While here at FMA I would like to do three things. 
     I would like to learn how to grow an organic garden. I have always wanted to be self-sufficient, and I would like to be able to support a family and stay home often. I could also trade the food for other things I need. In order to achieve this I must ask questions like how do I find the best land for a garden, or how do I create a good gardening bed? I must also work hard enough so that by the time we plant the garden here, all the staff will be fighting to get me on garden crew.
     I will also study and improve my math skills prior to taking the SAT, because I want to study veterinary medicine. In America people might feel sad if one of their animals dies, but in some places it’s a matter of life and death. In many Muslim countries an entire family could suffer if they lose an animal. I want to help the Muslim people. 
     The last thing I must learn to do is to listen and learn from those people who have something to offer me. I have always had a hard time listening because I thought it meant that the people I was listening to had more power than I did. I’ve struggled with following others’ guidance because what if they were leading me in the wrong direction? But, I know that if I want to learn the things I need to learn in order to have the life I want, I need to learn to listen. This might take a long time to work out.

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