There are many things I want to do before the end of this year at FMA. 
     The first thing I want to do is go fishing down at the pond, and catch a fish big enough to eat. I want to do this because I like to fish, and I like to eat fish, and I want to make my own fishing pole because that would be pretty cool. But before I can do it, I need to get my act together and get back to Level Two, which means getting all my work done. 
     Another thing I want to do is read as many books as possible. I find reading a great pastime, and every night I try to read a chapter or two in a book so I should be able to read a lot. Reading is also a great way, according to some teachers and other adults in my life, to increase my vocabulary. 
     I also want to work on my drawing and photography. Drawing and taking pictures relaxes me, and when I draw I am always trying to get better. The same is true of photography, although I need a lot of practice. Beautiful sunrises and the way the moon rises over the mountains make for a spectacular scene, so why not capture it in pictures?

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