While here at FMA, I have the goal of being accepted into a college or university that I am excited about attending. I know that in order to do this I will have to work hard and study all of my classroom subjects. This is one of my goals because if I am going to have the best possible future I can, then I will have to attend a college that makes me happy so that I am enjoying the time I spend in studies.
      I also want to become more independent of others, so that I will be able to live and thrive on my own. To do this I must learn to manage my own time and become more productive as a student. 
     Another goal that I am working toward here at FMA is to gain perspective in my life. I have a terrible habit of blowing even the smallest of stresses way out of proportion and letting them take me over. While here at FMA I am learning to take things one step at a time because I know I can handle that. 

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