While here at FMA I want to do three things. Get to Level Four, improve my grades so that when I graduate I will have a B+ or A average, and have a girls’ spa day.
     The reason I want to get to Level Four is so I may call my sister and best friend, go to the lake and volleyball court, and explore the property of Freedom Mountain Academy. In order to accomplish this goal, I will have to write an essay on honor, complete a solo compass hike, have an interview with the staff, and continue accountable and honorable behavior by turning in my work on time to the best of my ability.
     To improve my grades I will have to pay attention in class, ask questions if I do not understand anything, do my very best work, and turn my assignments in on time. The reason I want to improve my grades before I leave Freedom Mountain Academy is that I want to be accepted into one of the top medical colleges in the U.S. so that I may become an OB/GYN.
     To have a girls’ spa day, I will have to set a date when all the girls will have free time on the weekend, invite everyone, and collect all of the necessary materials. If we have a girl’s spa day we will hang out in the girl’s common room, visit, do nails, and eat cookies tea and hot cocoa.  
     Before I leave FMA I want to accomplish all these goals, and I know if I want to accomplish anything I will need to make the first move. 

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