The three things I want to accomplish before I leave FMA are to get through every expedition successfully, to become an honorable and trustworthy person, and to achieve a better relationship with my whole family.
     I want to succeed on expeditions because I know I can. I want to prove to myself I can take on whatever life throws my way both physically and mentally. I want to have greater respect and confidence in myself, and getting through the expeditions will help. I will do it by keeping a positive attitude, and even if I slip, I will get back up and keep going, no matter how steep the hills are or how long the hike is. I will not give up. I will not be a quitter.
     I will become an honorable and trustworthy person because it will help me achieve the life I envision for myself. I want to be known as someone who will keep her word. I will do it by having more respect for myself, and by being honest with myself and others. I must give up all my dishonorable habits.
     I want to build a better relationship with my family because I feel I have let them down. I have lost trust within my family and I want more than anything to get it back, and become the best I can be with the resources they have provided for me. I will do this by showing gratitude for the things they have done and are doing for me to build a better stronger me.

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