Before I leave Freedom Mountain Academy I want to accomplish three goals I have set for myself. My first goal is to achieve Level Two status by demonstrating determination and accountability. I want to achieve a new record for myself by running a mile in six minutes. If can achieve this goal it will help me when I’m playing soccer. In order to do this I need to work out enough to make my legs stronger. Showing determination to get out of Academic Room Time and advance to Level Two will allow me to achieve this.
     My second goal is to get my grades up to the expectations of the school I would like to attend next year. In order to achieve this goal I must overcome my habit of letting myself off the hook, and I must do the work that is required in a good manner. I must not earn more work hours by neglecting my homework. If I can achieve this then I will have more choices in my life.
     My third goal is to graduate from FMA with higher expectations of myself than when I arrived, which will carry over into greater success at the next school I attend. It will increase my intelligence and my self-discipline and the rewards of what I have worked for will make me much happier.

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