As a second year student, I am very happy to be back here at FMA, and want to make the best of it. I hope to reach Level 4 this year, and that will take a lot of work. I will have to take what I learned last year and apply it to this year.

The biggest challenge I will have to face is sticking to my plan to be a role model for the other students and not selling myself short. This means I will have to draw some boundaries for myself when I socialize. It’s all about self-esteem this year and not group esteem. I shall be who I am no matter what and will not let myself be less than I can be in pursuit of approval from other students just so they will like me.

I realize that I am liked more when I am not trying to be liked, and what a pain it is to put on an act.

Another goal I hope to accomplish is re-gaining a relationship with my parents. This will take honesty, and deep feelings will have to be revealed. I will have to work with Ms. Margaret to get her good advice on the situation, and I know I can do it.

This year will be full of excitement, and I will never give up on these goals. I will keep going because what matters most is that I progress and do my best. I see myself reaching these goals, and I can’t wait for the hard work to pay off.

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