I plan to get many benefits from attending FMA, such as greater self-discipline and independence. While I am here I will also spend time reflecting on how I came to be here in the first place. When I go home, I will be able to demonstrate my real growth and the changes in my attitudes and actions.

Many people might look at my situation and think that my parents are punishing me. In some ways it may seem that they are, but I really wasn’t willing to listen and work with them, so I needed the change.

I am going to take the new path ahead of me as a gift and an opportunity to grow. I will develop self-discipline and will learn not to react emotionally or impulsively when I don’t like what other people are saying or doing. I won’t let their actions discourage me or make me mad, but instead I will be the bigger person.

Having this time away from home to mature, grow, and reflect, will allow me to show my family that I can change. Through doing good work and pulling my weight in chores and academics, I will develop a strong set of habits that will help me at home and in the future.


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