My path was never clear because I didn’t know what might lay ahead of me; I could only predict and hope. I knew that if I worked hard for my goals, I could achieve them, and my strategies sometimes worked, but, since my determination is not the best, my record was inconsistent. My willingness is also not always the best, but, right now, I am growing. I set a goal for myself to get off academic room time and I did it. Why should my goals for next year be any less achievable?
     I have a goal to be accepted into a school called New York Military Academy (NYMA.) It has very high standards and will push me hard, which is why I want to attend – to push myself. The school has high expectations, and I will have to meet them by working and studying hard, and being more willing. I know these are just words on paper now, and that my actions will have to be the proof. I realize I need to do better work and do more, and I am making the necessary changes. At NYMA an 80% or lower earns a student two hours of study hall. I haven’t always achieved that score, but I know I am capable. 
     Everyone at FMA knows that I have not always been the most caring student, but recently I have shifted a gear. I am stronger than I was. It has taken perseverance make the push to improve my attitude and my grades. My teachers push me too, and now I am aware that I can stay strong and overcome whatever I lack.
     In my life, I will follow different trails, and some of my friends may laugh, but I know that, even if they don’t see it, I have walked the distance, and, when given the opportunity I did not choose to sit down or quit. I have already pushed myself, and I know I can do it again. 
     Many times in the past I had told myself to do my work, but I didn’t do it. Now, no matter how much I may dislike the work, I will do it. It’s not my enemy. It’s my path through a school in which I want to succeed. 
     I can’t know my future, but I can know the steps I need to take to get where I want to go. I have the resources to help me get there – family, teachers, friends, determination, and willingness. I don’t have to do it – I want to do it. I have started what I intend to finish, and when I do, I can finally tell myself, “Good job William, you did it!”

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