It all started when I saw an oddly shaped item wrapped in blue giftwrap on Christmas morning. I opened it first, and to my surprise, it was a shiny, silver, brand new unicycle.

At the time I was thirteen. I was so sure I could ride it like a bike, but boy was I wrong! After a few attempts, I gave up and let it gather dust for three years.

I finally decided to pull it out the summer I turned sixteen. It was all because my very good friend, Morgan Eddy was a pro on the unicycle, and, although she doesn’t know it, I was very jealous. 

I would practice during any free moment, holding onto a small wall where I could try to keep my balance. I was starting to get the hang of it when I was sent to my first boarding school. I couldn’t practice riding my unicycle there, so once again it gathered dust for a year.

When I came home, without skipping a beat, I was back at it again. Morgan and I worked together hour after hour until I finally got the hang of it. On break, I plan on taking my first ride with Morgan.

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