It started on Christmas Eve at 6:00 p.m. My soldiers were awakened to the sound of bells, and suddenly, there he was! A man in a red suit and a white beard appeared armed with a paint ball gun. One of my soldiers yelled, “Santa’s gone crazy!”

At just that moment, Santa fired the first shot, and hit Tony, but when we fired back it was all confusion, and we missed every shot.

Santa ran for the hills, but his big belly got stuck between two trees so we were able to track him. My sniper took careful aim, but missed. “Well, we blew it,” I said, because Santa heard that paint ball hit the tree next to him, and he fired back, but his gun doesn’t shoot as accurately over distance as mine. (I knew this because I had shot his gun the day before.) We were able to take cover behind a ditch, which was the best place at the moment to hide.

It was almost an hour later when my friend Clayton Baker took Santa down with one shot. I had him in my sights too, from where I was in a tree that had been really hard to climb, but Clayton got the first shot. Just for the fun of it I nailed Santa with a paint ball grenade, and he was soaked in paint. He was also kind of mad because he had already been shot, and when you get shot you’re out of the game so no one else is supposed to shoot you again. Santa was a one-man team, which made it even worse, but it was still funny.

So, to end my story of the night Santa went crazy, I am here to inform you that Santa is now being held in a top secret prison, where he will be sentenced to 400 years. But we all know that he will still be alive after that, so when he gets out, be ready! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good life!

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