The morning of the Patriot’s Day Celebration, I got up and helped Mr. Dan and Patrick move the tables and chairs in preparation for a weekend of guests. I was excited for a few reasons, one of which was I knew we were going to be allowed to shoot the musket later that day, and I knew there was going to be lots of good food.

We all dressed in our blue polo shirts so the guests would be able to differentiate between guests and students. If anybody needed something they could just say, “Ask one of the guys in the blue shirts.” 

We didn’t have much work to do the day of the celebration because we had done so much work getting ready the day before. When the guests arrived, it was quite fun because I met some interesting people and had some very interesting conversations about politics. It made me feel smart because I actually knew what they were talking about. There were some very good presentations by the guests, some that I could have argued about, and some that I could have just kept talking about for hours. 

The musket was cool. It didn’t have quite the kick I expected from a 69 caliber rifle. We were shooting at a book made by the school, called “The Book of Bad Ideas.” The meals were delicious, so good in fact they could have been served at a five star restaurant. Well maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they were very good all the same, but the thing at the meals that was best was, once again, the conversations. 

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