I used to think that being beautiful took work: careful study, saying all the right things, being everything for everyone.

Then I saw a picture of a fish, which lives in the depths of the ocean. It was the most beautiful fish, all purple, green and yellow.

I thought, “What is it being beautiful for?” I am still thinking, “What is it being beautiful for?” I guess, it’s because it is in its nature to be beautiful, even at the bottom of the ocean, with no one to see.

I thought the same of the stars. They are so far away, but they are so beautiful. Way up there, they have their own purpose, but what purpose do they serve for us down here? Down here, they are only beautiful.

Maybe it is simply because it gives us a more beautiful place to live. So, the question is, “What is our purpose?” If we take this beauty, and put it in our lives, maybe we can learn to be beautiful for the sake of ourselves. Even if no one is looking. Like the fish. Like the stars.

(Thank you to Mr. Ronn for sparking the idea.)

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