I read a book, and enjoyed it. It was the book Midnight, by Dean Koontz, a brilliant piece of writing that takes advantage of the reader’s imagination to provide thrills. It was an interesting commentary on man’s advances in technology, but perhaps the reason I enjoyed it so much was because it was one of the first books I had read for enjoyment since the prior school year.
     I’ve never been someone who reads a lot. Almost every book I’ve ever read has been an assignment for school, so, in the past, I never read for pleasure. Why would I bother to read a book when I have the Internet and television at my disposal? I wouldn’t. 
     During this school year, many of the activities of the “outside world” are unavailable to me. This has forced me to make adjustments in a number of areas of my life, including entertainment. I can no longer check Facebook whenever I please, or slothfully sit in front of the television for hours at a time. So, perhaps out of desperation, I have found myself reading on the weekends, and during my free time. This is something that would have been inconceivable to me a mere three months ago. Could it be that being away from home, and my electronics, has done me good? It’s a scary thought.
     Reading Midnight has reminded me why literature is so important. It is an effective tool to convey the message the author wants to share using artistry. 
     I particularly like books like Midnight because the author does not only rely on his own vision to amuse the audience; instead he engages the reader’s imagination to provide entertainment while still expressing the ideas he wants to convey. 
     Since I have discovered the joy of reading, I can now utilize this tool to grow in wisdom and develop ideals through reading. I can build a stronger self. Books have done this for me and they can do the same for all the sluggish American children who are still glued to the TV screen.

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