Light and darkness come to me,
While I’m shrouded in my sleep,
The light is bliss and makes me free,
The dark is always haunting me
It won’t just let me be.

Light makes me Jubilantly soar,
The world dissolves around me,
And my life cares no more,
This is how I want to be,
Absolutely free.

The darkness is defeatable,
The power solely mine,
And though my dreams repeatable,
I can change them anytime,
I can make the bright line shine.

Because I control that place,
My mind can make it bend,
The truth in any case,
And ‘twas not pretend,
I wish it would never end.

There’s so much I’ll never know,
And I wish I could stay,
Or at least I could go,
For a little while and play,
For just one perfect day.

Dream world is such an abstract place,
With concepts too mystic to detail,
Its spreads as diaphanous lace,
And though it may be frail,
It’ll catch me if I fail.

I want my esoteric place,
Though I know that it I feigned,
It’s secrets only I chase,
But on the earth I’m chained,
I wish to dwell in my dream world again.

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