“Argue for your limitations and sure enough they’re yours.”—Richard Bach

Arguing for limits causes me to believe in them. It creates a false perception of reality. When I try to do something without a preconceived notion of what I can or cannot achieve, I accomplish more than I ever thought I could. Bach states that many limitations are only notions of one’s abilities. I should accept this fact.

Limiting myself mentally will never end well. It will cause me to pass up many opportunities that arise. When I abolish all preconceived notions of myself and try anyway, I will seize life by the tail and make the most of everything. Jesus said that the truth will set me free. When I accept the truth about my potential, I will be free to do as I please.

Realizing my real potential will open many new opportunities for me. This can be accomplished by refusing to sell myself short. When I stop underestimating myself, others will as well. Les Brown once said that the opinions of others do not need to be my reality, so even if people underestimate me, it doesn’t matter. I will succeed.

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