Slowly driving up the road comes a big white Fed Ex truck, or sometimes a big brown UPS truck, but regardless we all know what is coming our way: packages and mail!

There is instant curiosity and wonder at what goodies are aboard, and if any are addressed to us. Some people are always expecting things while others are forever hopeful and often pleasantly surprised.

When four-thirty rolls around, everyone crowds around Mr. Mike The Good, bearer of tidings, in order that they may acquire their mail.

Mail does not come on Sundays and holidays, and the wait always seems longer than it really is, but I believe this makes receiving mail a little bit sweeter. When the people you care about are always around you, sometimes you take them for granted. Not being able to speak to them or hear from them daily has revealed to us how important they are.

FMA presents us with a different, more rustic way of living, where mail is the forefront of communication. No cell phones, no email, simply letters. Receiving a letter that you’ve really been wanting from one person and hearing all about how they’re doing, and what they are thinking enables us to make a deeper connection than we otherwise could.

Receiving mail makes the bad days better, and the good days even more enjoyable. So you can see the importance of one single piece of mail and how much joy one piece of paper can bring.

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