There were many positives and negatives about returning to FMA after the holidays. Seeing everyone again was good, but leaving behind the things that define home was hard. My family and friends, my bed, my Dad’s cooking (Especially pancakes and burritos!), and electronics are just a few of things I left behind.

Electronic devices are part of the language of my generation. There is literally a whole texting language (BRB, LOL) that is becoming a part of our day-to-day spoken language. I love electronics, and I’m always on my phone, or computer, or watching TV, so to leave all that for almost four months was horrible! Or at least it was until I forgot all about them, but then I returned home for the holidays. I was immediately on my phone, and everything and everybody was in front of me again and easily accessible. I thought it would be a weird adjustment, but I was wrong. I did just fine adjusting! Then I came back to FMA.

When I got back, it reminded me of my first few weeks at FMA in September, when I was sure that the anxiety that resulted from being separated from my electronics was an actual medical condition. I would hear a buzzing sound and immediately reach for my pocket to find only dust, and then I would realize that the buzzing sound was only a bee coming along to sting me. I don’t “hear” things like that anymore, but I do still miss my electronics.

I know it will be a short time before I will be home again, but I should also remember that when I do go home I should use electronics in moderation, because since being back here I have recently realized that most of the people I communicate with at home have no real meaning to me. I will be happy to return to the electronic world, but I will do so more wisely.

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