Part One: My Thoughts.

First of all, I would like to say that anyone as fortunate as I am should take advantage of an opportunity such as returning to FMA, a great school. Even before I knew I could, I wanted to come back, but because I am a returning student, I need to watch myself. Because I know the ropes already, I tend to act a little arrogantly. I am very excited for the year, and may have to rein myself in a bit. There are some drawbacks, however. I will be doing more work this year than I have done in the past, and most likely will not be participating in the classes that I most enjoy. I am, however, willing to make these sacrifices.

Part Two: My Interactions with the Students

Sometimes I forget I have already done this, whereas my fellow students have not. Thus, when they ask questions that are really obvious to me, I get irritated and lash out at them, which is totally unfair of me. It also baffles me as to why they are so…well, in my opinion, oblivious to what they need to do with my answers, which is also unfair of me. On the bright side, I can encourage the students, promising it will get better, even it if appears to get worse. I feel that everyone at this school will agree that my telling them to hold on will be infinitely more effective than any of the staff doing the same.

Part Three: My Interactions with Staff

Every now and then I will have a minor clash with one of the instructors. This is because I forget that I am still a student, which means I have the responsibilities of one, and more importantly do not have the privileges of an instructor. I also talk more openly with them and respect and understand their message a little more.

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