I, Travis Ackerman, commander of the Axis powers of Germany and Japan in Axis and Allies: 1941 hereby announce victory over the world! (I have won the game.)

The dice were favorable as I rolled into Moscow and demolished the Russian Army controlled by Ken Ackerman, my father, who also commanded the mighty British Army, whose navy had previously overpowered mine.

Sadly, I had made an error and moved my navy a turn too far, and Dad came with a transport and conquered Japan. I saved it by blitzing through Russia, using a Japanese transport, and retaking the island.

My dad’s last stronghold was in the Caucuses, which literally overflowed with his men. He attempted to take over Germany, but failed.

I warned him I would win the game in one move, and, although he vigorously tried to figure out what I meant, his efforts were to no avail. My navy was destroyed in Germany, and the Caucuses were full to the brink, but he left his capitol unguarded. On the next turn, tensions were high as I reclaimed Japan, and fortified the Caucuses. Russia was mine! Then, I bought a transport and sailed a tank to England and thus, took over the world. In other words, I won the game by capturing two of the three capitols.

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