Last Friday, we took the day off and rode the Virginia Creeper Trail. Bike riding was definitely amazing. The trail was beautiful.
     We left FMA at around 9:15 a.m., and drove to Damascus, Virginia to rent bikes, and get a ride up the mountain to Whitetop Station. Our class had been there before, but that time there was three feet of snow on the ground, it was about six degrees, and we were hiking. What a difference a few months makes.
     From Whitetop Station we began our easy down-hill, 17-mile ride alongside Whitetop Laurel Creek, over bridges and through beautiful forests. We took our time so we wouldn’t make it back to the school or work chores! We made several stops along the way, and visited some of our old campsites. 
     We arrived at The Creeper Trail Café for lunch, where Mr. Kevin and Ms. Patricia met us, and gave us each $5.00 for an extra treat from the café. Most of us sampled their world-famous chocolate cake. 
     From there we rode the rest of the way into Damascus, after a short stop along the creek to skip rocks. It was fun, and beautiful, and I enjoyed the sunshine, but I was also glad to see my bed that night. 

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