The game of Risk is a game in which the goal is world domination. Our behavior in playing has come to resemble the ruthless mindset of many past, and present kings and leaders. We create, and inevitably break, treaties and promises so long as it will help our little plastic men spread out across the map. We justify our cruel and calculated behavior with this ancient logic; ‘Reason O’ Etat’, or “ Anything for the State”.

We are the fox-like kings of Machiavelli’s The Prince. In this game of frequent betrayal, more than four of us see parallels between the governance of the kings of Mr. Kevin’s history lessons and our own. We however have the luxury of never needing to indoctrinate or preach hate to our “plastic platoons”.

Perhaps in the future we can teach our armies to live in peace. Perhaps we can stop the tradition of dishonest diplomacy. If only on our small board.

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