I am on Farm Crew right now with Ashley and Jeremy. Each morning we are in charge of feeding and watering the animals including the laying hens (40 Australorp), the game birds, 3 pigs, 7 goats, and 7 cows.

Our Jersey milk cow, Daisy, produces about 3 gallons of milk each day, and we make approximately 4-6 pounds of butter from the cream, and the chickens lay about 2 dozen eggs.

We just slaughtered and froze 40 broiler chickens, and will be sending 2 of the beef animals to be slaughtered later this week. We will slaughter at least one of the pigs here on campus when the weather gets a little colder.

As you can see we produce all our own meat on the farm and most of the milk and eggs we need. I enjoy working with the animals and can’t complain about the wonderful food they produce!

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