Brandon: Sofia, I hear you are a frequent visitor to Spain. Is this true?
Sofia: Yes. Almost every summer since I was 2. For 3 months.
BH: So, how different is the culture there?
SC: It is very different. It’s more laid back than American culture. Everyday, everyone is rushing here. It’s not like that in Spain.
BH: Tell us about the people.
SC: Well they speak Spanish
BH: Anything else?
SC: Other than that, they are just neighborly. You can talk to someone in the street and they won’t think you are weird. Just stuff like that. Also people in Spain walk around a lot more in the cities instead of driving; everything is closer.
BH: So how about sports?
SC: What about them?
BH: Do you enjoy the sports played there better? How are they different? Just go ahead, divulge.
SC: In Spain, like it is in most European countries, it is about soccer and Spain is very renowned for its soccer teams. I’m a fan of Real Madrid.
BH: Former home of David Beckham?
SC: Yes, David Beckham’s old team. But he’s so bad we traded him to America where soccer is much worse.
BH: Yet every other sport is better. Tell us about Madrid.
SC: Well, it is the capital of Spain.
BH: How many people reside there?
SC: I don’t know the numbers, but a lot.
BH: Which other countries in Europe have you been to?
SC: France and Italy.
BH: Of France, Italy and Spain, which is your favorite?
SC: Spain, by far.
BH: So what’s your favorite part of Spain?
SC: I think it would have to be the beaches. They are very beautiful.
BH: Any difference in the food?
SC: America is all about the burgers and pizza, but Spain is more varied.
BH: And the fruit?
SC: It is far fresher and way sweeter.
BH: In conclusion, if you had to choose between America and Spain, where would you live?
SC: I’d choose America, because it is my home, and I’ve lived here all of my life.

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