The most significant experience on solo, for me, was the second evening, when I realized that my grandparents are soon going to be gone, and I will be on my own for support. Although I spent most of my time reading, I also thought of what I am going to do in the next few years of college, and after. I did not spend a lot of time thinking about the past, but I did think back to my first days at FMA, and last year’s solo expedition. I came to the conclusion that this year was somewhat easier, because I had the skills more cemented in my mind.
For the first day of solo, I mainly thought of how I was going to survive for the next three days. I thought of what would be the easiest shelter to make, and other urgent things. After I finished doing everything I needed to do, I sat down and read for the remainder of the day.
The second and third days, since I had more time, I wrote, read and reflected more. I thought mainly of home and how life is going to change after graduating this year. I thought of how much fun I’m going to have working at the camp again this summer, and ways that I could make the camp a better place for kids to enjoy themselves and learn valuable lessons from The Bible.

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