Deep down in everyone’s heart there is a desire, a dream, to be something or someone who will be remembered. It is these dreams that drive us, motivate us, govern us on the paths we choose to make them a reality. Whether the dream is simply to be a firefighter, or something as big as a famous actor, no dream is too farfetched.

But until we achieve our goals we are only conceptual realities.

In the beginning, we all strike out for the top, the large goal. Over time, those who hold on to the high standards become someday’s now. At the top of the world. Most, however, give up early and only take what they are comfortable with, because they are afraid of responsibility.

I personally have a dream to be a famous screenwriter of multiple hit movies, and to be a novelist as well. Even now, I work to achieve my dream, writing short stories and fan fictions of my favorite animes. I practice my writing all the time, and most importantly, I enjoy what I do.

I look at myself as someday’s tomorrow, hoping I will one day be someday’s now. I will eventually become someday’s yesterday, and only my titles will be remembered.

Even if I am forgotten with time, I know I will have accomplished my dreams. I will be truly happy and my life will be fulfilled if the work of my someday’s yesterday remains around and inspires the upcoming new generation: Someday’s Dreamers.

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