Soul mining is a process. I present a topic and then explore all sides of the argument with as much objectivity as I can.

For this article I am examining the reason I am at FMA. Is it to benefit me or to punish me?

The argument for punishment is this: Because I have been a malicious demon of a child I must be sent away for punishment. I have thought it extreme, being thrust out of my world into one so strange. I have been rebellious, dishonest, and uncooperative towards my parents, and I have turned away any help that was offered. Clearly this cannot go unpunished.

The argument for benefit is: Being here is an opportunity,  and I must take advantage of it. My parents made the decision to send me to FMA, but it is a decision that benefits me. When I acknowledge that I need to change, and actually do the work to make the changes, I will find myself much much better.

The side I have chosen is to benefit from the experience. First I must look at those areas of my life that need improvement, and then I must do what is necessary to improve them, so I will receive the maximum benefit from my experience.

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